The beginning…

There have been very few times in my life when I have felt completely hopeless, yet my first night in Germany happened to be one of them. It’s often said that bad luck comes in threes, which rang very true for me on 4th September 2016.

I had really mixed emotions at the airport as I didn’t want to leave behind what was familiar, yet I was ready for a new adventure. So, there I was at Manchester Airport with my Boots meal deal (the last one for a while, cry) when STRIKE ONE:

  1. My plane was delayed
    I was a little like:


but I could deal, it just meant that I had to tell my hotel in Cologne that I would be late. The hotel responded with CLEAR information that my key would be left in room 202 (yeah I thought it was a bit weird of a hotel to do that but hey ho)

2. COLOGNE I HAVE ARRIVED,  but… my phone had been blocked so this was a bit of a downer being alone. It is indeed a very millennial thing to feel lost without a phone but this did freak me out a bit as I hopped into the taxi towards my destination: Hotel am Flughafen. 

3. This is when it really began to go wrong. Upon arriving at the hotel I immediately noticed that it was situated in the middle of nowhere at 1am with no phone. I walked into the hotel, determined not to become fazed by the large stains on the carpet, the spiders in the corners of the ceiling and the “lift”. I headed to room 202 as instructed, no key… Then I realised that there was loud music coming from my room, well “my room”. Oh wait more, there was German couple in my room clearly having a wunderbar time, need I say no more. WOWZA. So there I was; nobody to talk to, no phone and plus it appeared I had booked a room in Cologne’s finest brothel.

So, after walking round the hotel and seeing if there were any rooms I could break into (low point indeed), having a mini breakdown outside and then laughing at myself for getting into this situation I finally got WIFI (or WLAN as it’s called in Germany). I messaged my dad without telling him the full story, and he convinced me to knock on my door, so I did and it was one of the CRINGIEST moments of my life. A German man with a  towel wrapped around him told me he had booked the room, laughed in my face and slammed the door again!



After this, I was then saved by a kind friend Elliot who booked me a taxi to the same hostel he was staying at. It was a night slightly out of the ordinary and I don’t think the others in the room appreciated a new flustered visitor at 3am but I finally had arrived somewhere that felt safe! YAY.

It could only go up from here, and ever since Germany has been great. The training course in Cologne was long but brilliant thanks to the super bunch of people I met and despite being homeless upon arrival, I am currently living temporarily with a really kind family of 6.

Some of the lovely people also doing the same year abroad as me at our training course in Cologne!

If you’ve reached this point then wow, thanks for putting up with my waffle and I shall write more positive news soon (I hope…)

Ciao for now!



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  1. youre really hot! Im in Germany aswel. lets meet up?

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