9 wonderful things about living in Germany

I’ve been living in Germany for 3 weeks now and it’s been great! I’ve noticed a lot of things about how the way of life is different here so thought I would list them – nobody can resist a list 🙂

1. The transport

Germans are so much better at transport in every way. There is a tram everywhere you go, a motorway (Autobahn) with no speed limit and the trains are really fast. Also, BIKES – they all have snazzy bikes! I genuinely saw an elderly couple riding one of these the other day:


2. Bakeries, EVERYWHERE!

My body probably hates me for this one but you’re never far away from Kaffee und Kuchen!

3. School

As I’m working as an English assistant I’ve noticed so many differences about the German education system and the way the schools run. No uniform, even for the teachers – my headmaster greeted me in jeans and it took me about an hour to get over the shock. They also finish very early, I never have to work past 13:30 muahaha.

4. Apfelschorle

It’s amazing and everybody needs to drink it. It’s basically really cheap Appletiser.


5. The rucksacks

All of the school kids have the weirdest yet cutest rucksacks.


Before anyone thinks I did, I did not creepily take a photo of these children – it’s from Google.

6. Pfandflaschen

Germans are really on it with the whole recycling thing. There exists these weird machines in supermarkets and by putting your old bottles in you can get up to €0.50 back per bottle on a food voucher. Clever ja?

7. The buildings

There are so many beautiful buildings everywhere you go, for example I visited Heidelberg at the weekend and…


8. Fests!

Everyone loves a good celebration and the Germans know how to do it. I went to a wine festival called ‘Wurstmarkt’ the other week and it was ace. Lots of wine, beer, WURST and dancing on tables. Not forgetting the classic Lederhosen and Dirndls!


9. The people

This is certainly one of the most memorable things that I have noticed since being here. The hospitality and kindness of most people I have met has been amazing. If someone says they want to do something for you, they will! I mentioned to a teacher that I played the saxophone, the next day he handed me a saxophone to use for the year. The family that have kindly had me stay in their home treat me like their own and even made me a birthday cake after only knowing me for 2 weeks! Also, on your birthday Germans shake your hand and make sure you know that they want you to have a good day – so sweet!


So JAAAA I’m enjoying my time in Germany so far, here’s a cringey photo to prove it:


Bis bald!




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