I’ve been in Germany now for around 1 month and a half and I’m still loving every second, apart from the overdose of sparkling water, the ridiculous shop opening times and having to pay for the toilet all the time.

The toilet thing is real, I had to pay in a restaurant the other day.


At the end of September I visited Oktoberfest (yeah Oktoberfest is often in September). My english assistant chums and I decided to go to Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart as it’s closer and cheaper so it seemed more appealing. Having now visited, I now think that is compulsory for everybody to go to Oktoberfest at some point in their life. A list (I just love lists) of the most memorable things include:

1. Lederhosen & Dirndls EVERYWHERE

This was the sight as we entered:



2. The music

It’s so bad that it’s actually good.

3. Beer

I was thinking that €10 was a tad expensive for a beer, and then I was presented with this glorious Stein


4. FOOD…

…and so much of it! To mention a few; Bratwurst, Currywurst (Ja I’m veggie but I can dream), Pommes (chips) & other various potato forms, chocolate fruit, Lebkuchen , sugar coated almonds (which taste strangely good) and ice-cream.

4. If you’re not standing on a table, you’re doing it wrong


As the night goes on, tables are no longer for sitting at.

5. The rides

Annoyingly expensive, but totally worth it. However, I think some hadn’t been safety checked for a while.


In addition to this, there was a concerning amount of stalls selling brooms. I have no idea who would think “YEAH just popping to Oktoberfest to get me a new broom” but I may be missing something.


In addition to my addition, I recently learnt that it isn’t acceptable to wear a Dirndl at any event other than Oktoberfest. A group of friends and I went to a smaller local Fest wearing Dirndls and we were the only ones. We would have gotten away with it if the band on stage hadn’t pointed us out to the crowd. There was then an array of flashing lights, we were literally being paparazzied and people were even trying to get photos with us.



In other news…

  • I am no longer homeless, HALLELUJAH. I now live in a WG (this stands for Wohngemeinschaft = flat share). It’s in the centre of Ludwigshafen which is ideal and also my new German flatmates are all so kind. The first day I moved in I managed to lock myself out with all of my things already in the flat, but I was eventually rescued. There are also a couple of cats that hate me but we won’t talk about that. I am directly above a fast food restaurant called ‘Mister Meal’, which I am going to view positively as it means that when things like this happen I have a back-up:


  • I now have German friends:
  • My first visitor Shannon came to see me and we thought it would be a wild idea to get the overnight bus to Amsterdam, which was LONG but so worth it. img_7219


  • What I’m actually here to do, teach English… is also going well. It is definitely challenging at times but I really enjoy most of the classes. I get asked at least one of the following questions every day:

Did you vote for Brexit?

What do you think of Trump?

Do you love the Queen?

I think that’s about everything. Thank you for reading and if you’ve reached this far, you must have a long attention span! Tschüss! 


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