Vienna – top 7 things to do!

Vienna, or Wien as it is called in its native language, really is “The City of Dreams” – and not just because it was the place that Freud called home. The city boasts a superb mix of architecture tourist attractions to keep anyone entertained, being known for it’s musical significance and rich culture.

Now that I’ve lured you in with my snazzy introduction, here is my list of top 7 things to do in Vienna!

  1. The palaces

I’m not usually one for fancy buildings but I felt like I was in a fairytale when I first arrived at Belvedere palace. I will also recommend  Schönbrunn palace as a second option if you have time, you will be in awe and can spend forever walking around the gardens pretending you’re a princess.



2. Museums/art galleries

If you have a bit more time to spend in Vienna, I would certainly recommend visiting the museums, which are all conveniently next to each other. We visited the Kunsthalle Wien which is essentially of lardy da contemporary art and I thought it was fab. I didn’t have time for much more but was told that Haus der Musik is also worth a visit. There are so many to pick from so choose carefully!


3. Naschmarkt

This market was one of the unexpected highlights of my trip and is a must-do when visiting Vienna. It is open Monday – Saturday from 6am and you can find just about anything you want and test your German haggling skills, or lack of in my case. I think everyone that walks through must exit with a full stomach as food is thrown at you from every angle, it’s great! Having a mysterious man wave falafel in your face and call you pretty will feel like a regular occurrence by the time you’re out – oh and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to witness scenes such as this:


4. Volksgarten

A worthwhile U-Bahn ride away lies the Volksgarten and its preserved flak towers which were used for anti-aircraft defence for the inner city from allied bombings during World War II. You do feel a bit eerie when you’re there but it is a sight worth seeing these monsters of buildings. On the side of this particular building we were silently moved by tower with the mural as shown below.

5. Take in the architecture

This is one of the things that makes Vienna so special. In 2001, the city centre was in fact made a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there is certainly good reason for this. Stroll around without your map and enjoy the parliament buildings and many more, it won’t get old!


6. Go to a Viennese Café and pretend it’s something you do on a regular basis.

Ordering a Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) is obligatory when visiting Vienna. If you’re not careful you could end up like me spending £10 on coffee and a cake, but it’s a worthwhile experience. I opted for the Mozarttorte (Mozart cake), which was peculiar but tasted great!


7. Stroll through the Augarten

I’m a sucker for anything vaguely romantic or sentimental so this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but in the Augarten people dedicate trees to their loved ones and I think it’s the sweetest idea. Strange request but if I die can somebody please plant me a tree here?



So that’s my 7 top things to do in Vienna! As always I couldn’t clear all bases and I did do a couple of other things, such as watching a strange Austrian play at the Volkstheater. We got the cheap leftover tickets right at the top and I’m telling you those science teachers didn’t lie when they told you that hot air rises, I am surprised I lasted until the end. I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re learning German or want to really indulge yourself in Austrian culture. I also booked to see Biffy Clyro with my friends which has absolutely no relevance to Vienna but hey check out if there are any gigs whilst you’re there as the tickets were not too expensive!

Well done for reaching this far and I hope that this helps if you’re taking a trip to Vienna in the near future!



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